A way to find #WhoKnowsWhat within your organization at your fingertips

Search for the right person with the right skill set within your team or across the organization, in real-time, based on completed stories/task

Overcome Physical Distance


Overcome physical distance by easily finding the right person based on demonstrated skills in completed JIRA tasks and stories within your organization – whether you’re working from home, multiple offices, or across time zones!

Strategically Build Teams and Assign Tasks


Find the right person with the right set of skills to strategically assign tasks/bug fixes, plan new projects, and create agile teams with minimal skill gaps – Enhance project completion times and avoid cost overruns.

Seek Guidance and Mentorship


Identify colleagues within your organization with specific skill sets to help with tasks and find mentors to hone specific skills. Don’t waste valuable time reinventing the wheel – Enable members to build on existing knowledge, and increase efficiency for new member onboarding.