Let your developers deliver more, more often

Strategic sprint planning through developers’ Skills Insights

Accelerate team velocity

More successful sprints with less risk

Skill search
Optimize developers skills in sprints

Developers learn new skills at a rapid pace. Unlock the Skills Insights in real-time with Creatros Artificial Intelligence engine

  • Assign task strategically
  • Reduce development delays
  • Increase team velocity
Smart Assign
Better sprint planning with less time in meetings


Use our leading-edge Creatros Artificial Intelligence engine to automate the task assignment process

  • Better match developers skills to the task
  • Save developers time in sprint planning meetings
  • Improve developers productivity

Slack + Jira overlaid on a business slack chat
Use the apps your team is already using


Make the Skills Insights available right where you and your team work every day with a simple one click solution. We currently integrate with Jira Cloud, Jira Server, and Slack.

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