Customer issues solved faster!

Connecting the right internal talent, to solve customer issues that require technical support. Reducing the unnecessary internal communication and time spent per inquiry.

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We integrate
Slack and Jira text

Use a simple command /whoknows and type in the issue that the customer has. Immediately, you have access to the right internal talent that’s available to resolve the issue right now.

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Reduce your team’s time to answer.


By having direct access to your technical team, your customer service people can answer customers’ technical questions quicker.

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Use the apps your team are already using.


No need for extra applications to keep track of. Our integration uses the tools you already use and delivers full value right on Slack.

Sahand Seifi - CTO & Co-Founder at HeyOrca profile picture

Sahand – CTO, HeyOrca!

“Connecting the right developer with our customer reps is time-consuming for everyone. Creatros’ solution would speed us up by 15-30 minutes per inquiry.”

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