We are Looking for Companies to Join Our Beta!

We are in the process of launching our first skill tracking plugin and want to give a few select companies a sneak peek. Our plugins for Slack and Jira automate the tracking of developer skills. They enable Customer Success Representatives (CSR) to quickly find the most skilled developer to handle a ticket needing technical intervention. Having the ability to find the most skilled individual to handle a complex ticket can drastically improve several customer service metrics. To help enhance our plugins, we are offering a select few customer success oriented companies a chance to try out our platform and give feedback.

We’ve already on-boarded two innovative companies onto the platform: Quartermaster and HeyOrca!. Quartermaster is creating an innovative new social network; connecting communities, organizing homes, and enabling businesses. HeyOrca! is taking social media scheduling to the next level. They’re making content planning and collaboration easier than ever. We’re helping both of them boost their First Contact Resolution (FCR) rates and improve their ticket resolution times, all while cutting response times!

There’s still room for three more companies to join us in this phase of the beta. Currently, customer success oriented companies that tend to get tickets needing technical intervention have the most to benefit from using our platform. Therefore, we are only taking on companies with a CSR team that actively works with their dev. team in a DevOps style environment.

If you think your company could benefit from working with us, fill out our applicant survey. We look forward to hearing from you!