Women in Technology: Are they underselling themselves?

The world just celebrated International Women’s day, and we’re all about it! But celebrating and elevating women shouldn’t end with that shout-out on social media or those Women’s Day special discounts. We want to dig deeper and understand what women experience in the workplace! A look at the state of women in technology is quite […]

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Creatros Featured on CBC News NL Here & Now

Last week Creatros Technologies Inc was pleased to have a great feature piece done by journalist Zach Goudie highlighting our great new skills insights Creatros engine and our unique co-founders – airing on CBC NL Here & Now on Nov 14, 2019. CBC News Article: From class project to St. John’s tech startup: meet Creatros […]

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Can AI Improve Customer Service?

Adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the latest trend in tech. AI is becoming popular for applications ranging from quality assurance to regulatory compliance. But, does AI have a role in customer service? The answer is a resounding yes! Customer service has four stages: Pre-contact: When a customer has a problem but hasn’t yet contacted the […]

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What is an Internal Support Plugin?

You may have seen the term “internal support plugin” used by us or another company. But, what is an internal support plugin? Simply put, an internal support plugin is a piece of software that helps a customer success team use their existing software better. Plugins interface directly with existing software. These plugins can have a […]

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Five Reasons You Need Great Customer Service

Good customer service is critical to a successful business. Customer Satisfaction The better your customer’s experience is, the greater the value you provide to them.  Great customer service is a necessity in today’s business environment because of the range of offers that are available to customers as a result of globalization. The days where competition […]

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We are Looking for Companies to Join Our Beta!

We are in the process of launching our first skill tracking plugin and want to give a few select companies a sneak peek. Our plugins for Slack and Jira automate the tracking of developer skills. They enable Customer Success Representatives (CSR) to quickly find the most skilled developer to handle a ticket needing technical intervention. […]

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What You Need to Know About Developer Skill Tracking Systems

What are Skill Tracking Systems? Skill tracking systems are pieces of software that can assess the knowledge an employee has. For example, if a developer knows a certain framework such as jQuery, management can make a note of it in their skill tracking system. Then later, when a project requires a team on which everyone […]

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