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How to Install SkillsHawk for Jira

Decided to take full advantage of the skills of your employees? Here is an easy guide to install SkillsHawk in Jira.

First you will need to visit SkillsHawk For Jira on the Atlassian Marketplace .

You can also search for the plugin by typing in “SkillsHawk” in the marketplace search  bar.

Click on the “Try it free” to begin the plugin installation

Follow the instructions and complete the installation. For more details on installation from Atlassian Marketplace, visit Installing Marketplace Apps.

How to Use SkillsHawk for Jira

Navigate to the Apps->SkillsHawk from the top navigation in the Dashboard or Directly from the left Navigation bar.

It will open the search page.

Type in the skills that you are looking to seek within your organization. If there are multiple skills to search, write all of them separated by comma. The result will show everyone who has at lease one of the skills in their disposal. Please note that, the skills are calculated only from the tasks that are completed.

After searching for a skill in SkillsHawk, you will be able to view overall and current projects and tasks, project and task history, relevancy score and the ability to search for multiple skills at once:


Support Center

Feel free to contact our team by filling out the following form and emailing directly to [email protected]. We will respond to you promptly. 

    Release Notes

    Version 1.1

    Summary: Security and UX Update

    Release Date: 2020-11-04

    • Search for multiple skills using comma.
    • Identify the missing skills in your organization
    • Identify the strongest skills in your team
    • View total number of tasks and completed tasks for specific skills in last two years.
    • Introduce infinite scrolling on the Jira search page
    • Additional talent/user statistics
    • Enhance Security feature
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes

    Version 1.0

    Release Date: 2020-07-21

    Summary: First release of SkillsHawk For Jira

    • Search based on Jira Users’ skills
    • Rank Jira Users based on the work experience on particular topics
    • Quick view of current project on tasks
    • Tasks and projects overview

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Creatros offers plugins for Jira However, if you don’t have JIRA, you can opt for SkillsHawk Cloud which is platform independent and can accept data from different sources.

    SkillsHawk is the first of its kind and the only  solution  that provides granular skills insights directly related to your organization. SkillsHawk uses a state-of-the-art AI that works in the background. It does not require manual input of data from managers or  JIRA users, while also giving you real time skills insights. Upgrading your SkillsHawk for Jira to SkillsHawk Cloud can connect multiple sources of skills data and can enable the search in other platforms such as Slack.

    Your data is never saved, the software provides results through real time search.

    99.99 uptime associated to AWS

    We do not charge the client directly for using  SkillsHawk for Jira. Atlassian charges the users organization as per the preference set by the organization. Please visit their billing policy page here.

    As soon as the tasks are completed by your team.

    Organizations using Jira get an automatic free trial for one month as per the Atlassian marketplace policy.

    No. SkillsHawk for Jira is an approved plugin from Altassian and listed in the market place. The contract and the policy  is administer by Atlassian, therefore, standard policy from Atlassian is applied to its users.

    It is a simple one-click process through Atlassian marketplace. For SkillsHawk Cloud it is an online platform with simple user id access credentials and instruction to upload data.

    Upgrade to SkillsHawk Cloud for More Features

    While the SkillsHawk Jira version works great, enjoy extra features by upgrading to SkillsHawk Cloud such as:

    ‣ Complete Slack Integration
    ‣ Full Skills inventory
    ‣ Ability to integrate many sources of data